ROLE UX & UI design / Prototyping
Project Website & Marketplace


ROLE UX & UI design / Prototyping
Project Website & Marketplace
XP Game Jobs is a job website for recruiters and candidates. As you can probably guess from the name, the platform’s only focus is positions related to gamedev such as 3D artists, software engineers, game developers, and so on.

Becoming Popular

There is a tendency to use niche job sites rather than general ones. Such platforms sure do save your time and perform better. Our client hired us to redesign his website as the improvement was much needed from both UX and UI parts.

Job search platform for game developers and 3D Artistists

Content organization

This kind of project requires very meticulous work with the development of the information hierarchy. So, the first challenge we faced was the creation of platform logic. It starts right from the start: what input fields do we need to include in the registration to make it quick but meaningful? What information needs to be put right in the front if everything seems to be important?

Breaking the Information

Namely, into primary and secondary, thus we knew exactly what to put first. Not to scare potential customers away by making them go through complex registration, we divided it into 2 steps that included from 3 to 4 fields with the indication of the step they were at. Then a customer is offered to complete their profile on the main dashboard. To sign in, on the other hand, a user needs to fill in just 2 fields.

Job search platform for game industry

Search mechanism

To make the search as easy as possible, we developed a system of filters including 6 categories necessary for recruitment agencies to find candidates quickly and effortlessly. All applications are presented in the form of cards with essential information such as location, level, etc., a short description, and tags.

Intuitive interface

The dashboard includes all the data you may want to access quickly like jobs views, AD performance, and so on. From there it is easy to check messages, applicants, change settings and fill in the information about your gaming company. The block style we chose makes the data evident so that a user won’t spend hours figuring out how it works and where to find the information on a specific subject.

Dashboard of job search platform for game industry

Getting rid
of extra movements

Unlike other job search platforms, this one doesn’t charge you for job postings, you need to pay only if you want to promote your vacancy. At first, the client wanted to promote job positions by offering a user to buy virtual currency (credits) for real money. We dismissed this idea as users would literally have to make one purchase to then make another one. So we suggested keeping it simple and gave customers two options: credit card or PayPal. In this way, we save time for users and increase the chances of a successful transaction.

Making the platform
stand out from others

After conducting thorough research, we settled on a dark theme. Firstly, no other job board uses a dark mode. Secondly, the gaming industry often uses dark colors in its branding, as seen on Discord, Twitch, and others services. As a result, such a color palette distinguishes our website from others and gets exactly the association we need.

Job search platform for game industry

Helpful features

The platform allows recruiters to subscribe to the job categories they are interested in to be in the known of the most recent updates while job-seekers can benefit from the “Job Alerts” feature by receiving a weekly selection of new vacancies which is based on their account data.

Project is About to be Released

We finished the design for the first part in 4 months with 100 screens for the desktop version.  During the whole time, we had close cooperation with the customer. It proved to be a nice experience for both of us so we happily continue working together on this project. After each milestone, we sent our client a report in the form of a screencast. Now we are designing the mobile version of the platform, and after that, we are going to proceed with the second part that will have applicants as the target audience.