CLIENT WithinHealth
ROLE Discovery & Strategy / UX & UI design / Product Design / Prototyping
Project Web & Mobile App / Healthcare


CLIENT WithinHealth
ROLE Discovery & Strategy / UX & UI design / Product Design / Prototyping
Project Web & Mobile App / Healthcare
In times of the worldwide pandemic, it is essential to be able to perform most actions online. Going to the doctor is no exception since it often takes hours of waiting in line for an appointment, not to mention the medical staff struggles. To relieve this situation, the Equal studio designed a medical SaaS platform.

Communication Problems

The current pandemic situation led to numerous problems regarding going to the doctor on the one hand, and doctors having communication difficulties with their patients on the other hand.

The main goal was to create such a telehealth platform that would meet the expectation of both types of target audiences meaning that it would include all the necessary functions for patients as well as doctors.

Dashboard of medical SaaS platform

Design Work

The lead designer briefed the client to discover the purpose of the project and its scope.


Research on telemedicine services

The study of already existing platforms and usersneeds allowed recognizing the principal pain points. Afterward, the designers selected the best strategy to base the MVP on.


Creation of wireframes

The goal was to define how the elements on the pages would look and interrelate. The designers created several wireframes including desktop version, mobile version, and landing page.


Visual style

The team of designers created a few visual concepts for the client to select. The approved style then was applied to the whole project.


Clickable prototypes

All pages were animated to recreate a user flow to make sure there were no flaws in the design logic.

Dashboard of medical SaaS platform

Registration Without Preoccupation

The user experience

To simplify the process of creating a profile, the designers split a registration form into several sections. Moreover, they implemented a sidebar including some tips on filling the form. Another useful function is a medication tracker that helps to follow a treatment plan. To make an appointment booking more available, the team came up with a convenient system of filters, such as geolocation. That limited a selection of hospitals to the nearest ones considering a user location.

Medical SaaS platform

Less Stress

As they are usually extremely occupied, the team designed a simple and quick navigation system. They also added a calendar so that doctors could check their appointments. Afterward, the database was implemented so that a doctor could see all the previous diagnoses and tests of a patient.

Landing page for medical SaaS platform

Balancing out the Elements

The user interface

As the Equal designers had to deal with the dataheavy project, the decision of using a dashboard came naturally. It was necessary to create such a UI system that would prevent conflict between numerous elements. That was achieved by using a limited number of colors as well as text styles resulting in a clean design with lots of space. As the project comprises a great number of figures, the designers developed illustrative infographics. Among other features of the healthcare platform there are booking diagnostic tests such as fullbody scans, chat with doctors, uploading medical certificates, receiving official prescriptions, and so on.

Dashboard of medical SaaS platform

Final Thoughts

One of the greatest advantages of telehealth is that it minimizes face-to-face contact between patients and doctors which is a must during COVID-19, not to mention other dangerous diseases. There is no need to go to see a doctor to receive needed medicine. Now you can get your prescription online much safer and faster. Thus, this product is relevant and will be developing in the future.