CLIENT Transworld
ROLE UX & UI design / Prototyping
Project Website & Marketplace


CLIENT Transworld
ROLE UX & UI design / Prototyping
Project Website & Marketplace
Selling and purchasing business includes many steps like finding clients, counseling, evaluating, not to mention lots of paperwork. Transworld is a B2B platform that connects business brokers and entrepreneurs to simplify complex procedures.

What are the requirements?

The client’s main goal was to improve the website functionality so that it will become a go-to place for both brokers and business owners.

To achieve that, we designed a platform that combined some elements of an informative website (articles, instructions, etc.), an eCommerce one (product pages), and components of a landing page (action-oriented main page).

B2B website for business owners

Who will use the platform?

We started by creating two user personas based on the client’s target audiences:

  • Business brokers;
  • Business owners.

On thinking about what might be valuable for agents, we arrived at the next conclusion:

  • Increase in the number of clients coming to them;
  • Acceleration of the process of completing deals.

As to people looking for business consultations, we distinguish the following features:

  • Easy access to the basic information before turning to an advisor
  • Fast estimation of a business worth
  • Quickly operating search box
B2B platform for business brokers and entrepreneurs

How do we improve
advisors’ online experience?

We make a business listing on the very main page so that it immediately catches a user’s attention and gives them a wide range of opportunities. Therefore, agents don’t have to provide the offers themselves. We focus on designing an offer card that would contain all the necessary information such as costs, revenue, and profit figures. On the business offer page, we make an entire block dedicated to agent information and a CTA button allowing customers to contact a broker in no time. On the same page, there is a guide users can download and get acquainted with the whole procedure beforehand.

Mobile version of B2B platform for business brokers and entrepreneurs

In what way will the website attract new users?

To expand the Transworld customer base, we have come up with a whole new section which is “Tools & Resources”. A large number of educational articles has a very positive effect on the website traffic. Basically, this is how the potential clients may end up on the website: they search for the information they need and find it all just in one place.

How do we satisfy entrepreneurs’ needs?

We provide a free option of actually doing the things recommended in articles they have read before:

  • evaluation of a business worth;
  • guide on documents preparation;
  • contact a professional agent.

Speaking of evaluating, we design a sort of 3-step quiz that shows instantly your business value. It has a calculator structure meaning that once you fill in the required fields, you get the result without performing calculations yourself. In doing so, we practically involve users in database creation saving time for both agents and buyers looking for options.

B2B platform for business brokers and entrepreneurs

Why does it look
pretty and feel handy?

We use the brand color palette that includes subtle nice colors. They encourage users to feel calm and trusting. We also create a set of icons for easy navigation.

Not only do we optimize a search panel on the main screen breaking it into four forms instead of five, but we also change the filters in a way that will be more efficient for a user.

One of our key achievements is a well-structured interface design that makes even the data-heavy website as ours user-friendly. It is achieved by a clear hierarchy and focus elements as well as logical categorization of the platform sections.



Finally, we wrapped up the project in X weeks. Thanks to the simplicity and better functioning features, we managed to create a platform that would be perfect for business brokers and owners. Upon receiving the client’s full approval, we handed it over to developers. Now the project is in the pipeline and will be soon released.