CLIENT MyDoma Studio
ROLE UX & UI design / Product Design / Prototyping
Project Web App & Saas Platform


CLIENT MyDoma Studio
ROLE UX & UI design / Product Design / Prototyping
Project Web App & Saas Platform
MyDoma is a platform that helps interior designers, suppliers, and construction developers manage tasks, resources, and documentation in one place. Clients can also be invited to the platform by designers ― to provide feedback and participate in price negotiation. It was mentioned by Architectural Digest among one of the top interior design tools in the world. 
The сompany approached us for help with the redesign of the project. We provided them with continuous support from day 1 to post-development and helped to improve user experience.



MyDoma Studio is a versatile tool for interior designers, contractors, and their clients. 

They had several important user flows that needed to be implemented. Since we didn’t design the platform from scratch, first, we needed to conduct an in-depth investigation about the initial project’s drawbacks. 

Taskmanagement platform for interior designers

What we discovered was that the product had unclear navigation. When the user opened the app, they were redirected to the workspace with hundreds of design files, invoices, notes. They weren’t appropriately structured. Since designers usually work more than on one project, it reduced customer satisfaction. Moreover, it turned out that users found the process of purchasing a subscription very unintuitive (could do it only on a call with a sales manager). That needed to be changed.

Finally, MyDoma collaborated with many suppliers and vendor teams. But the interface that would enable designers to access the assortment of their services and goods was missing. We needed to implement a marketplace inside the app where partners could list their goods and designers and clients purchase from.

Dashboard of interior project management platform


Several user interviews have been conducted to see how the users interact with the app and what problems they encounter. Then, we have introduced several improvements: 

First of all, we implemented a unified design system and structured the information for each project. Since there can be several similar projects in progress for different clients, for example, several kitchen designs, we implemented filtration by the client’s name.

Secondly, we developed a two-level menu. Main menu made the navigation inside the app more convenient and allowed users to easily switch between projects. Additional menu was implemented inside every project. To facilitate the process of accessing the necessary information, we used typography and colour-coding. This visual hierarchy facilitated the process of discovering only essential information at any particular moment. 

Finally, we created an inner marketplace and implemented bidding mechanics. Designers could negotiate prices with the dealers, and dealers could access or deny the bid.

Interior project management platform



Invoices and online purchases

Designers can create proposals, send invoices, and order necessary items. Statuses allow them to monitor the progress of each project. 


Product sourcing

It is possible to choose items from a 3000+ item library of products from partners. Designers can easily add the products to proposals and invoices.


Project organization

Designers can work with their teams and assign specific roles to vendors. The tool also stores floor plans, tabular data, 3D renderings, sketches, and other documentation, and it is all easy to find in a couple of clicks.


Client registration

Clients can log in to their designer’s studio, pay invoices, and leave comments.

Dashboard of interior project management platform


We have designed information and logical structure, as well as the visuals of more than 110 screens and different states for them. We have also worked on essential user flows and improved the convenience of the platform. Consequently, we passed the project down to developers. Right now, MyDoma is a fully-fledged project popular among interior designers. Paid version of MyDoma starts at $59 per month.