CLIENT LocalLolo
ROLE Discovery & Strategy / UX & UI design / Prototyping / MVP / User Interface Guidelines
Project Website & B2B


CLIENT LocalLolo
ROLE Discovery & Strategy / UX & UI design / Prototyping / MVP / User Interface Guidelines
Project Website & B2B
LocalLolo is a catalog of local businesses, containing detailed information about each of them, as well as users’ reviews.

Project mission

The main idea of the service is that the consumer and the business will interact through video. As they say, it is better to see once than to hear about it a hundred times.

Multi-platform solution for local businesses

Target Audience

In this case, we identified two types of users: Millennials and Gen Z. Their habits and behaviors differ from previous ones as they were born with digital technologies already existing. Therefore, we had to consider the patterns of interaction with online services that were familiar to them.


The main criterion for us when selecting brands to analyze was obviously their relevance as well as best practices they implemented.

Platform for video reviews of local businesses

Risk Assessment


Competitive brands

In the minds of users, there are already well-established «brands» that they prefer to use. When users need to find an overview about a company, product, institution, etc., they turn to the product that first pops up in their memory.

Established habits

People have already developed certain habits of using products in this market and are always reluctant to switch to new products. After studying our target audience, we found out that 80% of users remain loyal to the brand if it covers their needs.


Integration of the feedback system by large companies

Competitors such as Google and Facebook integrate reviews into their platforms. Thus, a large share of the market is accounted for by embedded tools. On the other hand, we noted that these services often have overloaded functionality and are therefore inconvenient for ordinary users.

Recommendations and Suggestions


Creation of a competitive brand

We created a certain image in the minds of users so that when they needed to find reviews or options for business promotion, they would remember that there was such a service as LocalLolo.


Clear segmentation

To use the budget more effectively, for example, for an advertising campaign, we recommended starting with a narrow segment of the target audience.

Platform for video reviews of local businesses

Unique features on the market

In order for users to want to switch from one product to another, they must see this as a benefit for themselves. In our case, we suggested making it possible for business representatives to tell about their business in videos, and for users to leave comments or reviews in the form of short videos.


Creating a user-friendly interface

In order to compete on an equal footing with large companies, it is necessary to offer the user a multi-platform solution that will allow a smooth transition from one device to another.


Therefore, we have made an application design in which the user can:

  • Leave reviews in video and text format;
  • Upload photos;
  • View the business page and reviews about it;
  • Save favorite places;
  • Invite friends.
Platform for video reviews of local businesses

We have also developed a website and equipped it with a clear and simple search box placed on the main page. Unlike the application, there is also a section for business persons so that they can place their products on the site. Thanks to the built-in geolocation, users can either immediately find information about businesses near to them, or specify the desired address. For the accent color, we chose yellow, which is usually associated with positive emotions and energy.


We’ve managed to complete the project in 5 months. During the course of our work, we developed a UX strategy and created the products necessary for its implementation. The client received a full package of tools for their business in terms of design and business research and remained fully satisfied with the outcomes. Now both the website and the app are in the development stage.